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Mar 27, 2024

What are the main services searched for in Italian cities on marketplaces?

A brief analysis of the trends in services searched for online by Italians


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In the digital age we live in, online marketplaces are becoming increasingly popular as a primary source of services. In Italy, this trend is no exception, with more and more people turning to marketplace platforms to meet a wide range of needs.

But what are the most popular services searched for in Italian cities through these digital channels?
  1. Domestic services: The demand for professionals to perform domestic tasks such as cleaning, repairs, and gardening is constantly increasing. People are increasingly relying on online marketplaces to find qualified and reliable professionals who can take care of their domestic needs.
  2. Tutoring and education services: With the growing importance of education and lifelong learning, tutoring and online education services are in high demand in Italian cities. Whether it's private lessons, language courses, or exam preparation, online marketplaces offer a wide range of options to meet these needs.
  3. Wellness and personal care services: The demand for services that promote physical and mental well-being is constantly growing. From massages to beauty treatments, to yoga and meditation sessions, people are increasingly turning to online marketplaces to find professionals who can take care of their personal well-being.

All these are services that you can find on our Atriums platform where all suppliers are qualified and use platform-specific standards to ensure customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, it is necessary to expand the trends for the Italian market also with services that are not currently present on the Atriums platform (but maybe in the future!):

  1. Home delivery services: In an increasingly frenetic world, the convenience of home delivery has become a priority for many people. From food deliveries to grocery deliveries, home delivery services are among the most popular in Italian cities on online marketplaces.
  2. Transportation services: With ever-increasing traffic and growing environmental concerns, alternative transportation services are gaining ground in Italian cities. From car sharing services to bike and electric scooter rentals, transportation options on marketplace platforms are in increasing demand.

In conclusion, the most popular services searched for in Italian cities through marketplace platforms reflect the needs and trends of modern society. With the convenience, accessibility, and variety offered by these digital platforms, it is likely that the demand for online services will continue to grow in the near future.

All you have to do is download the Atriums platform (both from app and desktop) and start trying these services and riding the trend. Where would you like to start?