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How it works?

Said and done!

Search the services

Search the services of your interest in your area, whether it's your Atriums (everyday home, Second home, office) or a temporary rental. Atriums independently detects your current position in the world, alternatively you can specify a location on the map.

All services are organized into categories, you can choose the one you are interested in, at the price indicated and from the Service Provider considered the most reliable.

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Order the service

Order the chosen service, defining the method of delivery of the service (at home, in delivery rather than a service by the hour or by quantity) among those made available by the Service Provider, the day and time of execution of the service as well as eventual recurrence if desired, the quantities where requested and confirm the purchase.

Finished! The service Provider you have chosen will take care of the rest.
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Receive the services

Simply wait for the Service Provider to organize itself for the execution of the service in the manner requested and agreed. A chat between the Service Provider and the Customer will be used for a dialogue regarding the order executed.

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And then? The delivery of the ordered service is also simple.

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Fine, waiting for you.
Hi Gianni, did you find all the information to reach my apartment?
User avatar
Yes, all fine, the GPS information shared on Atriums are clear, I’ll in time for the service:) .


The Service Provider will keep in constant contact with the customer, confirming the receipt of the order and reassuring him on compliance with the agreed execution methods, communicating through the Atriums chat for any question regarding the service.

A few hours before starting, some reminders will be sent automatically to the Service Provider and Customer.
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Before starting the Service, the Service Provider will have already obtained from Atriums all the information needed to reach your Atrium, you can possibly help it reach the destination if necessary.

Clean and tidy room
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service in progress...
Atriums check-in - Gianni Rosso starts your cleaning right now!


The Service Provider will then start the service confirming its start check-in and check-out once finished and will be able to agree on new services with you.

In the end? Everything went fine?


Once the service is finished, Atriums activates all administrative procedures to formally complete the service with the next steps (pay and review). Everything is automated, so the Customer and the Service Provider only have to complete the actions proposed by Atriums.

Customers thank the provider
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service completed...
Atriums Check-Out - Gianni Rosso just ended your Cleaning service. Write a review!


All transactions carried out in Atriums are guaranteed by the process and as a customer you are absolutely guaranteed of the success of both the service ordered and the correct execution of the payment that Atriums thinks about. You don't owe anything to the Service Provider, Atriums takes care of it.

Do not order services outside Atriums if you want to remain protected from fraud, scams and services that do not live up to your expectations.
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If all went well, Atriums will then have made an agreed payment to the Service Provider. Finished!

Leave your review with 5 stars if you are satisfied or up to 1 star with comments if you are dissatisfied. For the Service Provider it is important to get 5 stars and give their best, reviews are the first thing that all customers look at before choosing a Service Provider.

If there are disputes, you can immediately open a claim in Atriums.
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Do you need more information?

To find all the answers to the most common questions or to ask new questions, visit our Help Center

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