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Home, Office or wathever place you need to clean) giving address

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Book day and hours, instantly, without wasting time in estimates and multiple interactions

Why Atriums

  • Guaranteed by Atriums. Nobody is paid before checked-in and the work done to perfection.

  • Can be cancelled until 24 hours before the check-in, without costs. The customer is the king for Atriums.

  • No wast time. You can book when you have time, in a pause, the night when comes to mind you want a service

  • The right Service Provider for you. Personal and Professional have different approaches in time management, availability and prices. You can choose the right one for you.

For professional and personal Service Providers in step with the times

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Maximum productivity

Always productive on the job without wasting time with your backoffice to organize your daily work. Your daily income will rapidly increase.

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Free to move

Move freely with your “business” always with you, up to date, for a prompt response to your customers giving the right perception of being absolutely customer oriented

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Girl on the couch with a smartphone
Girl on the couch with a smartphone

Agile and timely

Things changes continuously. Both you and your customers need to reorganize promptly when needed. You need to adapt your daily calendar to those changes, without lagging and risk double booking issues.

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Our promotional kit

If you have a commercial activity you will receive the promotional kit to attract new customers

If you are a professional and have a shop with or without a showcase or a place where you carry out your professional activity, we will send you the promotional kit to attract new customers and serve your customers better, faster and more efficiently. All contained in a simple box

Sigh Up
Adhesive to attach to your shop window or where visible just outside the access to yourbusiness to attract new customers
A pocket  display to attract your customersand increase the average receipt
€10 free for your customer's first purchase. For purchases within 30 days of your customer's registration, then 10% and 5%discounts for subsequent purchases. Pay Atriums.

History of changes, challenges and successes

I started this new profession from scratch, with many uncertainties and with little support in general. The customers gave me the best comfort: it was thanks to them that I understood that I was doing well and I grew thanks to the trust gained every day. Today a 5-star rating is not only a source of pride but also an important confirmation that I am doing well and a huge facilitator in finding new customers.

Before, it represented an additional channel that allowed me to fill empty days and hours during my work week, becoming efficient and creating additional economic income. Then it became my only channel to find new customers and work in a continuous and organized way.

I no longer have to worry about searching for new clients and can focus on better execution of my work and customer satisfaction. Both receiving orders for my services at the oddest times, answering customers and organizing my daily schedules have become a pleasant activity. Nothing is left to chance, my financial situation has improved.

When I lost my job as an employee I had to reorganize myself in a completely different way. I was therefore able to put together the need for financial income and manage a new family situation. A completely renewed lifestyle that was a pleasant rediscovery and inner and spiritual growth.

Now I can organize my work in a professional and entrepreneurial way, earning points from clients regarding my punctuality, the way I do my work for them, without uncertainty regarding my takings and improving the financial freedom.

Thanks to Atriums I can dedicate myself to my work and my clients without wasting time and money having to organize every work day with continuous changes, day after day, until late in the evening.

There is always a way to start again, for everyone

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