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House Cleaning

Cleaning the house is not an easy or obvious task as one might mistakenly think. Cleaning the house not your own but that of another person or family is a much more demanding and delicate activity. Atriums with its guides has created a standard and a model of behavior suggested to all suppliers who work with Atriums every day. Behind it there are many different stories and people who have made this job a mission.

Why choose an Atriums cleaning professional?

There are many benefits to choosing an Atriums Home Cleaning Service, many of these benefits are offered only by Atriums.

No waste of time

With instant booking you avoid the continuous waste of time in contrast to the speed of decisions to be taken today, without the absurd "Requests for Estimate". Confirm your reservation, the supplier chosen for the House Cleaning service will immediately and directly receive all your notifications or messages and will converse with you for any question connected to the service.

Extreme flexibility with the most suitable people

A private supplier or a company? Both are available in Atriums and bring with them different service characteristics. On the one hand greater flexibility and dynamism, on the other the availability of professional products where the customer does not have them available and a team of professionals to tackle any workload.

A shared working method

With our guides we align the expectations of the customer and the service of the house cleaning service provider. It is important to understand how the House Cleaning service and any other service takes place. Having aligned expectations reduces any uncertainty to a minimum and remembering that there are people on both sides is essential.

Mobile application for a direct dialogue

Not only via computer, a mobile application accompanies the customer and supplier throughout the process, from booking the service to the customer's 5-star review. Using the chat for dialogue between the house cleaning supplier and the customer allows you to have a direct line and reduce the unexpected. The GPS navigator and the map on the mobile device are a valid aid in finding the "Atrium" destination of the House Cleaning service.

An ongoing relationship

With Atriums and its Home Cleaning Service professionals, you can work once or recurringly. The relationship that produces the best results is the ongoing relationship. Getting to know each other and finding the right feeling is essential for the continuation of the service, perhaps even starting an ongoing relationship with multiple suppliers in Atriums. Atriums is always the trustee who guarantees the payment of the service after the moment of execution of the service itself and contractual clarity without uncertainties.

Pay only for work done

There is no upfront payment, payment is made only upon completion of the work performed. Avoid platforms that immediately withdraw the amount from your credit card and then return it when the service is cancelled. If you cancel the service up to 24 hours from its start, I will not receive any charge.

How do I book the House Cleaning Service with Atriums?

Nothing easier and more immediate.

  1. Go to our website or download ourmobile App and register to access all the people and companies we haveavailable for the House Cleaning Service. Access is immediate.
  2. Indicate the address of the room to be cleaned and choose the type of "House Cleaning" Service from the list of available Services.
  3. Choose a professional among those resulting as available in your area and click to book the service
  4. Choose the most convenient date for you, then the hours to book and the start time of the House Cleaning service
  5. If you have a coupon or discount code, enter the code to redeem it (Use the code WELCOME10EURO to immediately get a 10 Euro discount on your first order)
  6. Then click on Confirm Booking and enter your payment details.

All the rest will be done by Atriums and the House Cleaning Service Provider you have chosen.

How it works

Step 1

Sign up or Login

From Desktop Browser or by downloading the Atriums Marketplace App for iOS and Android Smartphones and Tablets

Step 2

Tell us where is your Atrium

Home, Office or wathever place you need to clean, giving address

Step 3

Choose Service Provider

Book day and hours, instantly, without wasting time in quotes and multiple interactions

Why Atriums

  • Guaranteed by Atriums. Nobody is paid before checked-in and the work done to perfection.

  • Can be cancelled until 24 hours before the check-in, without costs. The customer is the king for Atriums.

  • No wast time. You can book when you have time, in a pause, the night when comes to mind you want a service

  • The right Service Provider for you. Personal and Professional have different approaches in time management, availability and prices. You can choose the right one for you.

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